Dive into learning, spark insights and find your perfect flow

ABLE is the next-level all-in-one knowledge acquisition and productivity app for avid learners and curious minds. Effortlessly gather information, review, reflect, surface insights, write and share. All from one perfect, distraction-free interface.

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Easily discover, capture and organise information

ABLE was built for minds that love to explore but don't want the friction of digital clutter or switching apps. Search the web with the built-in search engine. A dual-pane view with a built-in browser helps you evaluate search results efficiently. Highlight, annotate or take notes from anywhere, and it's easily linked to a selected topic in your Knowledge Base. Forget about trying to "find it again" — it's all at your fingertips, meaningfully organised in one app.

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Dive into new subjects and spark new insights

Learning happens faster when it's contextual. Your Knowledge Base gives you the flexibility to map information your way so you can review easily, and explore a subject in depth. And then, it will make relevant smart suggestions from your other topics to uncover new insights. And as you draft, a dual-pane view lets you reflect, summarise or jot ideas on one side while scrolling your topic notes on the other.

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Focus like never before

Zero clutter, pure flow. Carry out your entire learning, reflecting and writing process from one single, minimal interface. Focus modes for reading and writing make concentrating on what matters at any point easy.

Explore. Built-in web search capability, powered by Google and Bing. Dual-pane search results for efficient review. Take notes from anywhere. Built-in highlighting with annotations.
Spark. Uncover new insights with smart suggestions from your Knowledge Base or web. Organise and save notes and highlights in one place. Dual-pane writing mode for topic notes review while crafting text.
Write. Embed images, videos and PDFs. Work with multiple formats. Easily find your earlier records and use them in your current work and flow.
Focus. Clean, distraction-free interface. Keep links to hand with a hideable reference sidebar. Focus mode for browsing, reading and writing. Stay in your flow.
As keen lifelong learners, we got frustrated with the clutter of browser tabs and constant toggling between information in different note-taking and writing apps. We wanted to stay focused on being inquisitive and creative rather than wasting our attention on switching between different tools, apps and platforms.
That's why we came up with Able. A more brilliant, frictionless way to enjoy learning, build up notes, connect information, and, most importantly, go deep into topics in a meaningful and productive way. Saving focus and attention for what matters. All with the writing and sharing capabilities you need when you're inspired.

What people say

Caryn Tan
Manager & Writer
woah @meet_able sounds cool
Joined the waitlist - how long are we gonna have to wait?
Happy to be an alpha tester (aka give it to me now)
Arvid Kahl
Entrepreneur and best sellers author
Seems like you are trying to create a new category. Signed up on @meet_able waitlist and excited to check it out once it is out.
Paco Cantero
Entrepreneur & Writer
That sounds great, @meet_able !!!
Quite interested in your project! I've just joined your waiting list!
I couldn't avoid it after reading your features list!
Feel proud of it too! 🔥🔥🔥
Discovery app for researchers
Thanks, Able team 🙏 Good luck with the launch - you got this!
Franco Varriano
I cannot wait to use @meet_able
. Daily user of roam and they seem to be the clear improvement... reading the page, you just can’t help but be excited //
Antony Northcutt
Graphic Designer
I was thinking about this earlier .... are we any nearer launch?
Paco Cantero
Entrepreneur & Writer
A terrific experience for me, dear friends!!!!
I'm honored to be "the first one" to watch deep inside your amazing project.
Let's keep walking together!
Jason Shellen
Bussines advisor
I’m a big iawriter fan but feel like something with a hint of AI may quickly unseat that.
Just signed up for @meet_able today.
Time will tell.
Muyideen Dösumu
Co-Founder & CEO at GatePass
Honestly, if these guys are able to pull building this off - the world would genuinely be a much more productive (better - depending on how you look at it) place.

Join our waitlist for updates and launch info, and a chance to get involved as an early user

With a single tool for thought that integrates web search, browsing, knowledge management, and note-taking.

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