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ABLE is a system-tool for a frictionless learning process. It embodies best-known methods and models of searching-as-learning, intellect augmentation, skill development, creativity and mnemonic enhancement and flow.

Boost your web search, learning, thinking, and writing skills

With a single tool for thought that integrates web search, browsing, knowledge management, and note-taking.
We envision the moment when personal knowledge base and the internet will be integrated and inter-connected. When you will find the information you need, wherever it is located, read it, process it, and create new knowledge in a straightforward process within a single tool.

We are rebuilding the exploration and discovery processes from the basics to make you super-effective at searching, evaluating, finding and creating new knowledge and make brilliant insights. Because learning and creating new knowledge should be the focus of all efforts.

Able is minimal and delightfully smart. Built-in browser and web-search, two-pane layout by default, highlighting, annotations and notes, built-in knowledge base powered by a Directed Graph database, and much more. And each feature is thoughtfully designed to help you reveal in utter your extraordinary abilities.

It’s time for a new web experience that brings searching, collection of information, writing and personal knowledge base together.

Focus on what matters

Never lose your train of thought again

Sometimes you just need more information. So you open a new browser tab, navigate to the search engine and type in your keywords. You get millions of search results and start checking them, opening the links in new tabs. Finally, you find what you were looking for, and you highlight it with one of the browser extensions you have. Or maybe you copy it just to paste in some document or a note in one of your apps. So many actions for such a simple task...

To create the most focused and undistracted experience for thought, we united the whole process into one tool and removed all the useless actions. We're building ABLE's features with meticulous consideration of each task and interaction through your workflow so that you always stay focused on what is really important.

Cut through the noise

Built-in web search enhanced by your own knowledge base

We've all struggled before with wrong search request, meaningless search results, tab clutter — lost time we regret.

We're building intelligent suggestions feature personalized for you right into ABLE. Search operators tips will guide you to refine your search. A dual-pane search result screen lets you evaluate results faster and better while focusing on your primary search topic. Your search results will be cleaned of useless features and enhanced by the information you already collected and saved in your personal knowledge base.

ABLE will change how you search the internet. Quickly get the information you're looking for. And never search the web again for the information you already have.

Stay in control

Easily save and always find the knowledge you value

Sometimes when you browse the internet, you find some information that you think would be valuable for you. So you bookmark that page. But you need only some info on the page, not the whole page. And pages get removed. So what do you do?

Everything on the web starts with a browser, so we're integrating it right into ABLE. And along with it, you will be able to easily highlight and annotate the most essential information you need. It will be automatically saved straight into your personal knowledge base to intelligently pull it up every time you search.

So forget about searching bloated and useless favourites or reading lists and regret the removed pages. Instead, save the information easily and quickly and find it at any time, every time.

Be brilliant with knowledge

Networked thought for genius insights

Humans master associative thinking and able to link seemingly distinct thoughts and ideas. And this is what creativity is all about.

ABLE employs the force of a directed knowledge graph to automatically discover the links between your notions and notes. Easier navigate through the networks of your knowledge, find new, unexpected ideas with contextual relations and bi-directional links. ABLE lets you forget about maintaining hierarchies and searching for files or records. It will pull your information for you right where and when you need it.

Be astute, thoughtful, and creative — and ultimately, discover brilliant ideas.

Keep up with your ideas

Write without fear edit without mercy

When you set out to write your thoughts, whether you want to keep them private or share them with the world, you need all your working notes and materials right under your fingertips.

ABLE automatically gathers all the materials that you collect while browsing the internet, into the Topic section that you define. So when you start writing, you have everything you need right in front of your eyes. And you can hide them away whenever you need to focus on your text. AI-powered writing assistant will help you write better, with more confidence than before.

Learn, read or write anywhere

Your knowledge is with you even when you're offline

You've searched for some information, opened some tabs and set out for a plane. Or you're in some cafe without an internet connection. On a train, in a taxi, in the desert, in the mountains. You have spare time, but when you open your browser, it reloads all the tabs and shows connection errors on empty pages.

ABLE's works even when there is no connection. All the information is privately and securely stored on your computer and always accessible for you. Just save what you need into the topic of your interest in your knowledge base and go wherever you want. Your ideas and insights should not wait for connection.

Search the knowledge base, read saved materials, write, learn, create notes and more. Be brilliant wherever you are.
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With a single tool for thought that integrates web search, browsing, knowledge management, and note-taking.
Boost your research, learning and writing skills