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«ABLE» - a project that is being developed by AEGIS ALPHA. Further on ABLE and AEGIS ALPHA are referred to as the same entity.
«Policy» - this Cookie Policy.
«User», «Users» - a natural, legal or other person who uses the Website.
«Website» - a set of information, texts, graphics, design, images, photos and videos and other results of intellectual activity, as well as computer programs contained in the information system that ensures the availability of such information on the Internet at: https://able.ac or related subdomains.
«Third-Party Services» - services (programs, applications, services, etc.) that are integrated into the Website and/or used by the Website to improve its performance and services provided to Users. The full list of Third-Party Services is available in the Website's Privacy Policy.
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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that the Website stores on User’s computer or mobile device when User visits the Website.
  • Primary cookies-cookies set by the Website during its visit by the User. Only this Website can read and use them. Primary cookies help make the Website usable, including basic features such as page navigation and access to secure areas of the Website. The Website cannot function properly without these cookies. Accordingly, such cookies are necessary.
  • In addition, the Website may use external services, programs, applications or otherwise that also set their own cookies, referred to as Third-Party Cookies. However, the User must be aware that Third-Party Services may use third-party cookies, without which the Website will not be able to function properly and properly provide its services (Mandatory third-party cookies). Accordingly, the User cannot refuse such Third-Party Cookies, as well as the Primary cookies. The user will be able to learn more detailed information about such necessary Third-Party Cookies by reading the relevant Privacy Policy and the Policy of using cookies which use such Third-Party Services by visiting the websites of such Third-Party Services.
The law applicable to the User and the ABLE states that ABLE or Third-Party Services may store cookies on the User's device if they are strictly necessary for the operation of the Website. In this regard, if the User continues to use the Website, such User agrees to this Policy and agrees to the use of cookies.
If the User does not agree with the use of cookies by the Website or Third-Party Services and with this Policy in general, then such User must stop using the Website and its functionality.

ABLE informs User that neither the Website nor ABLE, as the owner of the Website, set any own cookies.

Third-Party Cookies

The Website, for its functioning, uses Third-Party Services, applications and programs that are integrated into the Website itself and, accordingly, such Third-Party Services can be used to track habits and other indicators that concern the User - in addition to the information specified in this Policy, without the knowledge of the ABLE Please refer to the Privacy Policy of such Third-Party Services for details.

ABLE draws the attention of the User that the Website uses Third-Party Services and the entire list of Third-Party Services is indicated in the Privacy Policy, which the User can find at the link: https://able.ac/privacy-policy .

These Third-Party Services are outside the control of the Website and the ABLE. Such Third-Party Services may change their terms of service, purpose and use of cookies, etc. at any time.

The User cannot refuse to use the Website of Third-Party Service’s cookies and Mandatory third-party cookies, because the use of such cookies is necessary for the Website and the ABLE for the proper fulfilment of the contractual obligations that arose between the User and the ABLE at the moment when the User decided to use the Website and agreed with the Website’s Research Terms and Conditions - https://able.ac/research-terms-and-conditions and the Site's Privacy Policy https://able.ac/privacy-policy.
For this reason, such Primary Cookies do not require the User's consent.

In this regard, for a more detailed acquaintance with the list of cookies used by Third-Party Services, with the rules and policies for the processing and use of cookies by such Third-Party Services, the User is encouraged to familiarize himself with the relevant Privacy Policies and Cookie Policies that use such Third-Party Services.

How to grant or withdraw consent to the installation of cookies

User can manage/delete cookies at his own discretion - more on the website -aboutcookies.org.
In addition to what is stated in this Policy, the User can manage the cookie settings directly from his browser and prevent, for example, the installation of Third-Party Cookies. User can also delete past cookies through User’s browser setting, including cookies that may have retained User’s initial consent to the installation of cookies from this Website.

With regard to Third-Party Cookies set by Third-Party Services, the User can manage their preferences and revoke their consent by clicking on the appropriate opt-out link (if available) using the means specified in the Privacy Policy of the relevant Third-Party Service or contact such Third-Party Service.

Notwithstanding the above, the User is advised that he can follow the instructions provided by YourOnlineChoices (The EU) - https://www.youronlinechoices.com/ or www.aboutads.info, Network advertising initiative (USA) - https://www.networkadvertising.org/understanding-digital-advertising, Digital Advertising Alliance (USA) - https://www.aboutads.info/consumers/, DAAC (Canada) - https://youradchoices.ca/en/learn or other similar services. These initiatives allow Users to choose their tracking preferences for most advertising tools. Thus, ABLE recommends the User to use these resources in addition to the information provided in this Policy.

User has to take into account that if he/she refuses to install (delete, clear) cookies on his/her device, this may prevent User from seeing some elements of the Website, and the Website itself or its functions may not work properly, or the work may deteriorate Website.

Changes to Policy

ABLE may revise this Policy from time to time at ABLE’s sole discretion. If there are any material changes to this Policy ABLE will notify the User on this Website and as required by applicable law. User understands and agrees that he/she will be deemed to has accepted the updated Policy if User continues to use the Website after the new Policy takes effect.